Thursday, August 29, 2013


Hey all! Thanks for visiting my book blog. I know what you're wondering...I'm visiting a book blog with no reviews posted? WTF! Well, let me tell you my blog has been live going on 4 days now and I started a new 9-5 job 3 days ago. Soooo.....

I need help! If anyone would like to review a book for the blog, be an Admin on our Facebook page, or just help with overall set-up, that would be AMAZEBALLS!!!

We will be hosting two book blog tours in the next month or two along with a couple of book blitzes. So, the more help the better. I'm looking for a partner in crime who truly loves to read and wants nothing more than to support all the amazing authors out there:) I will be catching everything up at night and on the weekends, but I do also have a family ;) Soooo.....

If interested, use the contact me on the side of the page or you can PM me through our Amazeballs Book Blog Facebook page.

Pass this along everyone!!!! 



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